Dr. Farooq Ahmad Kiani
Visitig Scientist

Third floor, Room 3/230, Mathematikon, In Neuenheimerfeld 205, The University of Heidelberg, D69120-Heidelberg, Germany. Tel: 0049-6221 / 54-14732  E-mail: Farooq.Kiani@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de


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Picture Watch ATP Hydrolysis in myosin

"We are perhaps not far removed from the time when we shall be able to submit the bulk of chemical phenomena to calculation."

Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, Memoires de la Societe d'Arcueil 2:207 (1808)

News and Highlights

June 2015, Our article highlighted by the Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol. editorial

July 2014, Heidelberg University News in English and in German

July 2014, Dr. Kiani moved to RCMS, NUST as Associate Professor

January, 2008, Structural Theory for Macropolyhedral Boranes.

December, 2005, Chemical Science news 

December, 2005, Paper accepted as Hot Article in Dalton Transactions.

December, 2004, Christmas Kolloqium, Heidelberg, Germany.

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