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Comparing the catalytic strategy of ATP hydrolysis in biomolecular motors
F Kiani, S Fischer
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016
Advances in Quantum Simulations of ATPase Catalysis in the Myosin Motor
FA Kiani, S Fischer
Current Opinion in Structural Biology 31, 115-123, 2015
The Catalytic Strategy of P–O Bond‐Cleaving Enzymes: Comparing EcoRV and Myosin
FA Kiani, S Fischer
Molecular Catalysts: Structure and Functional Design. With a foreword by ..., 2014
Catalytic strategy used by the myosin motor to hydrolyze ATP
FA Kiani, S Fischer
Proceedings of the National Academy of Siences 111 (29), E2947-2956, 2014
Stabilization of the ADP/Metaphosphate Intermediate during ATP Hydrolysis in Pre-power Stroke Myosin QUANTITATIVE ANATOMY OF AN ENZYME
FA Kiani, S Fischer
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (49), 35569-35580, 2013
A Unified Catalytic Mechanism of Adenosine Triphosphate Hydrolysis in ATPase Enzymes
F Kiani
Rules for macropolyhedral boranes
M Hofmann, FA Kiani
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 694 (11), 1666-1670, 2009
Structural paradigms in macropolyhedral boranes
FA Kiani, M Hofmann
Chemistry–A European Journal 14 (9), 2886-2893, 2008
Three-dimensional modeling of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase-deficient variants from German ancestry
F Kiani, S Schwarzl, S Fischer, T Efferth
PloS one 2 (7), e625, 2007
Structural relationships among two vertex sharing macropolyhedral boranes
FA Kiani, M Hofmann
Dalton Transactions, 1207-1213, 2007
Which nido:nido-Macropolyhedral Boranes are Most Stable?
FA Kiani, M Hofmann
Inorganic chemistry 45 (17), 6996-7003, 2006
Periodic trends and easy estimation of relative stabilities in 11-vertex nido-p-block-heteroboranes and-borates
FA Kiani, M Hofmann
Journal of molecular modeling 12 (5), 597-609, 2006
Ortho-, Meta-, and Para-Directing Influence of Transition-Metal Fragments in 12-Vertex c loso-Cyclopentadienylmetallaheteroboranes: Additive Nature of Structural Increments
FA Kiani, M Hofmann
Organometallics 25 (2), 485-490, 2006
Quantum Chemical Studies of Macropolyhedral Boranes and Related Clusters
FA Kiani
Cluster increments for macropolyhedral boranes
FA Kiani, M Hofmann
Dalton Transactions, 5515-5520, 2006
The relative stabilities of 11-vertex nido-and 12-vertex closo-heteroboranes and-borates: facile estimation by structural or connection increments
FA Kiani, M Hofmann
Dalton Transactions, 686-692, 2006
The Additive Nature of Energy Penalties in 10‐Vertex nido‐(Car) boranes
FA Kiani, M Hofmann
European journal of inorganic chemistry 2005 (12), 2545-2553, 2005
Structural Increments for 11-Vertex n ido-Phospha-and Aza (carba) boranes and-borates; Dependence of Energy Penalties on the Extent of Electron Localization
FA Kiani, M Hofmann
Inorganic chemistry 44 (10), 3746-3754, 2005
Structural increment system for 11-vertex nido-boranes and carboranes
FA Kiani, M Hofmann
Inorganic chemistry 43 (26), 8561-8571, 2004
Synthesis and Characteriation of Schiff Base Ligand with Metals.
FA Kiani
Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan., 1999



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